There are two ways of Nâm orientation. Nâm Yoga can be practised as a universal way of spiritual living and Nâm Yoga as a spiritual path for Carriers of Nâm. The first orientation offers a universal framework and matching tools that enable practitioners to attune to their spiritual nature and to enrich their lives with meaning and purpose. Adopting Nâm Yoga as a spiritual path requires a more absolute commitment and a much stronger Intent. The Nâm spiritual ‘path’ provides for tools that transform the practitioner into a Carrier of Nâm.

The Nâm of your true nature

The Certainty

A worldview rooted in Certainty is the seed of Well-Being.
By means of its resonance individual certainty can contribute to a better world
True Certainty enriches individual life as well as all human living.
The Certainty, that transcends rationality and emotion, is called Nâm.

All spiritual traditions in the world find their origin in the quest for Nâm.
They may differ in methods, imagery and language but their objective is the same:
the transcendence of the human being from the limited state.
This requires a knowing oneself.

The return from Soul to Heart

The Shift

The Human Being has two wings:
The wing of Awareness that is sharing in the transcendental oneness of all.
The wing of Experience that is shaping our individuality.
Heart is the membrane in which both sides harmoniously meet.
It is symbolised by the body of the Angel.

Soul is the center of experience. It shapes our programs, memories, urges, desires and (dis)likes.
Collectively our identification has shifted away from Heart towards Soul.
Soul is changeable and it therefore does not provide Nâm.

The return from Soul to Heart is the universal spiritual endeavor.
This is fundamentally a psychological process.
When the shift to Heart is not made, the experience of life remains incomplete.

We can soar on the wings of Awareness and Experience.
Realise the full potential of the human destination.
Identifying ourselves with the body of the Angel.

Only then…

Behaviour as the key to awareness

The Cure

Awareness cannot be understood in the ordinary sense.
It lies beyond the range of rational and emotional experience.
It cannot be reached by conscious effort, nor by acquired knowledge.
The shift back from Soul to Heart requires an indirect way.

Such an indirect way needs to be fuelled.
The adoption of a worldview and corresponding way of behaviour serve as a catalyst.
The shift itself happens when the condition has been created
by the application of this way of behaviour.

The Trinity is an instrument to establish a worldview and a way of behaviour that is supportive to the shift of the identification from Soul to Heart

The Trinity

Abbah, Asha and Attunement
Serve as an instrument
to establish a worldview and a way of behaviour
that is supportive to the shift of the identification from Soul to Heart

Humanitarian considerations such as expressed in the Nâm Manifesto alone,
are not sufficient for re-establishing the certainty of the Heart position.
The manifesto should be placed within the context of the Triple A
for it to become an instrument of transformation.

1: Abbah

Abbah is not a name because there is nothing that can be named.
Abbah is a sound, indicating a Oneness that cannot be known.
Abbah embraces all, including our ability of knowing.
Like the eye cannot see itself, the essence of knowing cannot be known.

Abbah is the essence of every cell, every instant.
It is the life of living in its widest and deepest sense.
Abbah cannot be named, described or indicated

And yet…

It is the very essence of what you are.

2: Asha

Asha indicates the way in which Abbah becomes visible and knowable in experience.
Experience is called the Face of Abbah but the face is not Abbah
It is by means of the face that Abbah can be recognised.

Because of the Oneness that is expressed as Abbah
All our actions, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions and beliefs resonate in all that is
By means of this resonance we create the world in which we live.

Resonance that finds its origin in a Soul identification will carry all its temporary limitations.

Resonance that is rooted in Heart will generate the corresponding bliss and Well-Being of that state naturally.

3: Attunement

Attunement of behaviour to Asha and Abbah is the true spiritual endeavour.
The Yoga that is based on Nâm presents a number of attuning instruments
supportive for the establishment of Nâm through identification in Heart.


My task is to create a different world
I ask you to help me in this task

Nâm leads away from the normalised destructive egocentric greed
And restores the essential human nature as the double winged Angel
That harmonised all and opens the realm of sharing in bliss

Carrying Nâm is a service to all living
It steps away from illusory limitations
And allows life and death to soar
In the Grace of ongoing revelation

Living your life as a Carrier of Nâm is a service to All


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