Yoginâm Abbahjí has developed a unique way of healing and purification by means of the so called HarpMood. Rather than talking which takes the roundabout way of consciousness, HarpMood reaches the Soul dimension which is the source of the obstacles or unrest. In HarpMood Yoginâm Abbahjí uses particular sound modes for transferring Attunement with the aim of healing as well as purification. Receiving HarpMood greatly contributes to healing by harmonising obstructive Attitudes and Behaviour in order to resolve obstacles that cannot be overcome on one’s own. Receiving a HarpMood is also purifying as it is a way to bring the receiver closer in one-s own Attunement. In this sense HarpMood is both a tool for healing and for purifying for those who are on their Journey of the Return.

HarpMood can be received individually and collectively, directly and indirectly through online registration.

like a blessing, it touches where it is most needed

HarpMood by Abbahjí is online available

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In the agenda you find several possibilities to encounter Yoginâm Abbahjí. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you have any other questions on HarpMood, please send an email through the contact form below.

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Sound is like the first


of the unmoving

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