Abbahjí on Spirituality (video)

170212 On Spirituality movie by Maarten Alexander

Yoginâm Abbahjí on Spirituality. A short movie by Maarten Alexander.

Living Life as a Carrier of Nâm

Independence and Poverty

Modern day mystic Abbahji about poverty and independence

Words only have a meaning in relationship to something else. The relationship is the true meaning. 'Freedom' is a empty concept if you do not define what 'not-freedom' is. A lot of political slogans are empty because their relationship is unclear. You may say that 'independence' and 'poverty' have no relationship, and you could see […]


Wisdom and Joy

People sometimes ask me why I am using the word 'Abbah'. The answer is simple: I was told to do so. There is great wisdom in using 'Abbah' but such wisdom cannot come from thinking, it comes from listening. In our vertical awareness, in between the Realm of Appearances, that of the experience of everyday […]

Your creation

Creation of Life

Many people fail to see that life is their creation. Some people believe that life was created sometime long ago. Others are of the opinion that it emerged from a cosmic event, equally long, long ago. But whatever life is and however it started, it never stopped its creation process; it continues and leads us […]

Everybody has the seed of Greatness

Human Potential for greatness

Because of the mass media people have a tendency to feel that their life is a failure, because they do not live up to the ideals we are presented with in the media, those special people who do remarkable things, this may lead to collective depression and an ever-present anxiety about not 'doing enough'. You […]

Living with Creative Resonance

living with creative resonance

The 21st century promises to be very different from the previous ones. It will present us with other challenges and possibilities. The resonance of the world is changing and we are changing with it. When we ignore that change we are in difficulty.